Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Dungeon

Well the work on our basement has almost come to an end. It was pretty much a 4 step process. Scrape the old paint / calcium deposits off with a wire brush, scrub the walls with an Etching solution, patch the wholes and cracks, and finally paint. After 3 weeks straight of at least 2 hours in the basement we have 2 coats of paint applied. I'm happy to be almost finished, but I think its going to need a third that the basement is pure white it looks more like a looney bin than a dungeon.

I started doing a little cross training after a month off. 2 times out to Greenbush for some skate skiing, a couple runs, and some yoga. Nothing serious....I like to ease into things! It's looking like less than a week and we head to Tucson! Things are not busy enough at the shop, so I figured I'd head south for some spring training.

I just finished a batch of my famous Guacomole so its time to go find the recliner and watch the big game. My call....Colts in a half. I'll be fast asleep before the halftime show is over...


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