Monday, March 12, 2012


Well I'm rolling out of AZ today and headed towards more fun in OH.  We finished things up with a crazy week with lots of non-stop action!  Gotta go out in style!

We had a blast hanging out with all of our friends this year.  BBQ's, Birthday Parties, Supper Club dinners, and of course tons of bike riding.  I can't wait to do it again next year.

The last 5 days were extra crazy with Bill Street 'Player' in town.  We tried to cram in as much fun and riding as possible.  It started with an epic failure out at the Pistol Hill section of the AZ Trail.  First time on Bill's new bike and a piece of housing under the BB was a little short.  Every time the suspension moved the bike would shift and it eventually lead to a broken chain.  Lots of hiking, jogging, skateboarding, to get out of the dessert in time for the Dr. appt w/ Bill Peterson.  Luckily we made it without to much craziness.

We all wanted a little work done with Bill Peterson as he is one of the best in his business.  Bill is an awesome guy who is fighting lung cancer and is very well known in the cycling community as the go to guy for cycling orthotics and bike fit issues.  He is the man who helped Andrea with a leg length discrepency and is pretty much the sole reason she is still riding today.  Street Player has the same problem and is now all squared up on the bike and has some custom insoles en route to Sheboygan.  I wanted to get Bill's opinion on my cleat position now that I have new Bontrager shoes and I also picked up a pair of insoles.

It was also pretty interesting talking to Bill about his cancer treatments.  It was awesome to hear that he is a huge fan of drinking alkaline water!

Saturday Street, Andrea and I did an epic up Mt. Lemmon.  Andrea turned around at the highest elevation at mile marker 21.  Street and I dropped down to Summerhave tomake it tothe Cookie Cabin.  Andrea made the right call as it was frickin cold up there.  Chili, Hot Apple Cider and a cookie were not enough to warm the soul a fear was setting in for the cold descent.  Street Player had to shove a Pizza Box under his jersey to protect him from the wind and then with an unprecedented move put a paper plate under his helmet to act as a cycling cap!!!

We finished things off yesterday with a big mtb ride.  We even talked Cole 'the roadie' House into joining us!  We climbed up Mt. Lemmon to the 12 mile marker from Le Buzz.  Then we descended Bug Springs, Prison Camp, climbed up and over Molino Basin, and then down the AZ Trail and down Milagrosa.  4:00 hours of ride time, 6 hours of total time. 

It was pretty sweet.  I was also joined by John Beck, Chad Sova, Bill Street, and Andrea!  I had to laugh at Le Buzz when some other roadies were giving Cole shit about mtb'in.  He clearly has some skills and hopefully we have some good video footage from the GoPro.

After the big ride it was out for one last dinner at El Charro with the crew.  It's going to be tough to go another 10 months without Carne Seca!  Now I'm going to need to take an off-season from my off-season  leaving Tucson with 1850 miles in the about after Gravel Rouser!


Anonymous said...

what did he do to fix the leg length discrepency and get them sitting square?

b-matter said...

custom orthotics and a lift under the cleat or in the shoe depending on length discrepency