Monday, March 19, 2012


After a long drive from Tucson to Athens I was pretty done for...luckily no matter how tired you are, a person will always find the energy when the best event of the season is going on...welcome to the Gravel Rouser Classic 2012:

Take this job and shove it TT Stage 1.

An epic mtb ride Sunday in Tucson - Three days in the car and straight to Jim's back yard off of Simm's Rd up on the ridges in Athens.  My ribs were still really sore from the crash on the Milagrosa trail, but Jim and Company layed out one of the best TT courses to date for the Gravel Rouser and I was going to let 'er rip.  Check out the video for some great action:

In the end I lost the title by 2 seconds!  Luckily I had a little redemption when all the guys wanted to do a mass start 1 mile race after the TT - no clock on this was for blood!

Stage 2 was the Grab & Git -

A 5 stop Scavenger Hunt around town with a map and then a mad dash to the finish.  It really all comes down to the stop where you draw a cork with a number out of the bag.  The number on the cork can be a time bonus or a time penalty.  Veterans of this race also know the funny article of clothing stop can be critical - you never want to get something that would cause overheating, get caught in the chain or cassette, or in any way interfere with aerodynamics!

Check it out:

Stay Tuned for Stages 3 & 4

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