Monday, July 02, 2012

Racing then Restin

Coaching has been great and with race season in full swing I've been busy.  Trying to balance my training, coaching, sponsorship for cross season, and being a full time mechanic is fun, but its challenging and definitely takes up a lot of time!  Especially when the last week of training was big...real big.

My last week of training was pretty tough.  I was shooting for 22 or 23 hours of solid riding.  Add on top of that the core workouts, the yoga, and the heat...yep the heat.  On Tuesday and Wednesday w/ some big hours on the schedule it was scorching.  I was already a little fatigued from Jr. Mtb Camp and racing the Keewenaw Chain Drive.  The heat did me in...I got too dehydrated and my body shut down.  I had to take Thursday and Friday completely off the bike....kind of ruined my plans for finishing big...but as a coach I know things don't always go to plan and you have to adapt.  So I did...I waited till my body was recovered and feeling good and then got back down to business.  Sunday was a solid 3 hours and with a change in schedule a new opportunity presented itself.  TOAD was in my backyard.  An 80 mile road race!

Driving the break w/ John Murphy -
photo credit - Karl
So I pinned on the numbers and went out and had a blast racing with the best guys in the country.  I worked really hard the first half of the race to get in the break...and I made it.  Towards the end I was hurting, but so was everyone else.  I didn't like my chance in the I went for the suicide attack with 3k's to go.  I got caught with about 1k to go and ended up last out of the guys in the break....but I went for it!!!

After the race I cruised around for another 20 miles or so to make it 100 on the day.  Then I went out and put the nail in the coffin on Tuesday with a solo 5 hour ride.  By the end I was smashed and ready for a break.

I enjoyed watching the TOAD crit in Sheboygan from the sidelines.  I built up my new secret weapon thanks to Bontrager and Shimano!

I started up with a new client coaching.  I read a book.  I cleaned some bikes.  Andrea, Oscor the In-Laws and I went for a birthday picnic down by the lake.  Just living it up and getting ready for the next phase of training...until then I'll be cold chillin'!

My recliner just got sweeter!!!


Anonymous said...

can you give us a hint on what the secret weapon is???

DMC said...

Rest is good and sometimes a fight to get..

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