Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Finished up my first break of the year with an awesome vacation 'up north'.  It was Oscor's first trip to the cabin in Eagle River, July 4th, and our 7 year wedding anniversary!  We celebrated in style with a long weekend of having fun and doing one of the sweetest races around!

exiting the mine

The Miners can't get much more old school and original than this one.  Racing through the Adventure Mine for an extended period of time, in complete darkness, with condensation dripping,  short ceilings (4ft at one point in the cave), huge puddles, cool temps(48 degrees in the cave)......but thats not even the cool part in my book.  The start line drawn in the dirt, the awesome UP atmosphere, the demanding technical climbs, and some real descending!  Add a crazy summer T-Storm to the mix Friday night before the race to make the whole thing a mud bath and you've got one crazy event.

With the mud and the hard climbing I opted to race my brand new Elite 9.9 from Trek.  Yep thats right...the most technical race of the year and this full suspension lover went old school and raced a hardtail.  It was pretty fun too.  The bike was lightning fast on the climbs, the XTR was flawless in the mud w/ a little help from the Pro Gold Xtreme chain lube.  All in all a great way to break in a new bike...check it out

Watch more video of Brian Matter on

I broke my own rule and raced with a GoPro...with a lap to go I crashed and had to stop to put the GoPro in my pocket....thats why I don't race with a GoPro....

It did make for some awesome footage though...especially through the mine...however the lens did fog up a bit along w/ my Oakleys, from the 30+ degree temperature change coming out of the mine!

Andrea was pumped to win a new t-shirt from the raffle!

Back home now and into the next phase of training - intervals...things started off real good with the first 20 minute test of the year!  Looking forward to more intervals on Lakeshore Dr. and some WORS racing after 6 weeks away.  Ore To Shore is now on the radar...I've got my plan all set to you know what you are doing?  If not check this out from Momentum Endurance!

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