Monday, August 20, 2012

The Cup

Usually when I'm writing about the Cup its Lord Stanley's...but this time its Don Edberg's!

After Ore To Shore & Trek World I didn't really feel like making the drive over to Mt. Morris for a pre-ride.  I needed to stay home and get as much rest as possible.  So I went with the...its just like any other WORS race approach.  No pre-ride, show up the day of the race, and then let 'er rip.

It seemed to work pretty good.  When I arrived and went to pick up my number "21" I was hopeful that was my call up spot.  I thought a top 10 was easily doable with a good ride.  Unfortunately I got called up a little further back than was just enough back that I was on the brakes hard multiple times in the lead out and then again heading into the first singletrack.  4 minutes into the race I was already 45+ seconds behind the leaders.  Luckily my legs & lungs showed up for the challenge.  After lap 1 I was 18th.  After Lap 2 I was 11th battling with 10, 11, and 12.

I was climbing good, the Top Fuel was eating up the descents and the rocks...I felt like I was going so much faster than anyone on a hardtail on the flat pedaling rocky portions of the race course.

The last lap I was battling for 10th, but didn't have quite enough in the tank.  I was able to climb up to Sam Schultz, but didn't have it to go by him.  Maybe I was saving something for Sunday!  Finished 11th and was pretty happy.

I drove home after some pizza at Christiano's in Wautoma and the mandotory ice cream from the Milty Wilty.  Slept in my own bed and then woke up Sunday morning and did it all over again.

This time I was a little more motivated knowing I was going to have a 2nd row start spot based on Saturdays XC finish.  I opted to ride the Elite 9.9 for the Short Track and I felt good on the warm up.  The big question with a right hand corner 100 feet after the start was line up on the right or the left.  When I saw the Star N Stripes of Todd Wells right in the middle I knew that was my wheel.  I just missed out too...missed out on the big crash that is...not sure exactly what happened but out of the corner of my eye I saw Finsty leaning on JHK who was leaning on the dude that I just managed to get my elbow in front of...I felt the dude land on my back wheel and when I looked up it was 6 guys and a huge gap.  I knew I had to get there and fast...I buried myself in the next 500meters to close the gap to Tristans wheel.

I made it though and then pretty much was secured a solid ride.  I was a little uncomfy on the hardtail with a few flat bumpy pedaling sections.  Not sure if I should have gone with the Fuel.  Half way through the race I found my self riding away from Tristan and another guy and solid in 6th position.  I was closing the gap to D. Zandstra who had won the day before.  I made contact with 2 to go and we were less than 5 seconds from 3rd and 4th, but I just couldn't find that extra .09%  Finished a solid 6th and was pretty happy to walk away from the weekend with 2 good results and two 1st place scores in the WORS overall.

Next up is Suamico this feel likes its been 3 weeks since I have been out on a training ride with all the racing, recovering and traveling...excited to try to bring it up another notch in the next month before cross starts.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, I've asked you this before and I forget your reply, so sorry to ask it again. I have an older top fuel with the same dt Swiss shock that you run. I seem to get a lot of pedal bob. I weigh around 145, what pressure would you recommend?
Thanks, and good luck the rest of your season.