Thursday, September 06, 2012


I learned a new term from a good friend who I raced back in the day in MI...Trackin'....its like skillz on a bike, but its Trackin'...If you can't track in a straight line or around a corner you can't win a bike race....
Copper Harbor Trails- at the end of the world - peace and quiet - awesome trails -
in the middle of my chaotic storm of racing

Lately there has been a lot of trackin' going on....not only on the bike, but off the bike too.  You gotta have skillz to balance it all out.  WORS racing and calculating series points.  Building bikes and gluing tires. USGP cancelled, USGP back on, plane tickets and hotels for Vegas, Gloucester, and many more...its been a little crazy...I have raced the last 4 weekends in a row and most likely will race another 5 weekend before a Hawaiian vacation...don't worry though...I fly out to Hawaii the day after I fly home from Gloucester and when I get home a day later I'll fly to the USGP in Ft. Collins.  I love it....this is what all the hard work is all about...traveling all over the place and doing what I bikes.

We'll start off w/ Green Bay WORS...I really didn't want to race.  I was tired from Ore To Shore & Subaru Cup, but I thought it might be my last opportunity to get an 8th race in for the WORS series.  The race was very similar to last year and ended in a sprint finish with the same results.  Cole House just beating me at the line.  I'm hoping a 2nd place is good enough for my 4th WORS never know till the last race

After 3 hard weekends in a row Labor Day vacation couldn't have come at a better time.  Thursday after Andrea finished work we drove up for an awesome long weekend in Eagle River.  It was time for some much needed R & R, but the trails in Copper Harbor were just too tempting to pass up on Sunday.  With perfect weather we loaded up and drove in further north to pin on some more race numbers and ride some of the best trails in the WORLD.  Even Oscor had a blast at the Bell's Beer post race party!

We were back home Monday evening and it was back to the grind getting caught on coaching and trying to figure out if the USGP will really happen.  Today it was announced that Trek Bicycles is now the title sponsors and Clif Bar has stepped up to make it happen!  My sponsors rule.  I'm hoping to pay them back with some good results this year!!!  Gear Grinder/RACC has also stepped up huge to help me out w/ a travel budget that will allow my to fly to some of the races that are too far away and have a mechanic drive out in the van w/ my bikes and equipment.  This will be huge!

I have booked tickets and hotels for Gloucester, Ft. Collins, and Vegas....Yesterday I was out riding the cross bikes for the first time in the park across the street from my house.  I have them both dialed and they are feeling great.  It's going to be a good year....

All this going on and I haven't even mentioned Chequamegon....oh yeah..thats happening in less than. 10 days.

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