Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gettin' my drop on

Skills 101 - that's what it has been all about down here in Tucson!  So I thought it would be time for a little more in depth review of one my favorite bikes I've ever new Trek Fuel EX 9.

As a professional racer I am accustomed to the lightest and the best of the best.  The new Fuel EX 9 is neither the lightest nor the best of the best and I think that's why I am having a blast riding it....downhill!

The bike is weighing in at 29 lbs w/ pedals, bottle cage, and GO Pro!  The new FOX CTD suspension does provide a good platform for climbing, but what goes up must come down.  With 130mm's of plush bottomless travel, high volume 2.2 Bontrager XR3 Team Issue Tubeless Ready tires, and a Rock Shox Reverb dropper seatpost this bikes gives me confidence on descent like I've never had before.

The frame is aluminum, the Rhythm wheels are solid, and the Shimano XT is durable and reliable.  I'm loving the new clutch rear der, that locks the cage into place and keeps tension on the chain at all times eliminating chain slap and virtually stopping all chances of a dropped chain.

The biggest confidence booster however has to be the Reverb.  A quick push of the hydraulic lever and the seat drops 125mm's.  This allows you to quickly adjust your weight back on the bike and take a drop that you would never even consider on a XC bike with your seat at full height. 

Trek's suspension gurus have the linkage and the suspension dialed for small bumps, rocks, and the big drops.   Overall this bike rules, its fun, its fast, and you don't have to be afraid to get it scratched with a really reasonable price tag.  Time to go shred...

Dropping the Waterfall on the Milagrosa Trail

It's for fun!

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