Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Desert

We made it to Tucson in one piece!

It was an adventure and our first trip across the country with Oscor.  Somehow in a two day time frame I cleaned up from a muddy CX Nationals, packed up my life, loaded the car, and headed to the Southwest.  This year due to weather we took a different route than normal.  I-80 west to Denver - south on 25 - west on I-10.  The first night we made it to Walnut, IA and found a Super 8.  Not bad....

The next night we made it to Las Vegas, NM.  I decided Super 8 was pretty good on night number one so we might as well try it again.  We scored the best hotel I have ever stayed at...  no joke, not really expecting that at a Super 8.  So if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, NM and need a place to stay I highly recommend the Super 8!

Oscor soaking in some rays and getting some Z's at the same time!

We arrived, Oscor was a champ for the entire 30 hours and is adapting to the sunshine quite nicely.  A day later we were loading up again to Fountain Hills for the first MBAA race.  Andrea was excited to rip some trails and she finished 3rd in the Womens Open race.  On the way home I had finally had enough and succumbed to getting sick. 

AZ Trail w/ Trav, Chloe, John Beck, & Krista Park

It took about a week of laying low before I was feeling back to normal.  Luckily  just in time for an ass kicking 6 hour ride on the AZ Trail on my new Fuel EX 9.  The new bike is so awesome.  Fat tires, big suspension, and the new coolest feature in my opinion is the dropper seat post!  I'm so glad I picked up this bike to rip up some trails out here and save a little wear on tear on the race bike.

Trek Fuel EX 9 - nothing fancy, but a really sweet ride!

The 6 hour ride put me out of commission for a few days.  It took a lot of birthday pizza & ice cream cake a few days later to finally recover! 

El Champion
Why I really love coming down to AZ, besides the man size burritos:  a quick recap of the last five days.

THURSDAY:  Bug Springs 4 hour mtb day with Andrea
FRIDAY:  Rest day...nope how about a jam session on Mt. Lemmon w/ Tommy D and Phil Gaimon.
SATURDAY:  OK now a rest day and 4 CX races on the internet!
SUNDAY:  New friends, big bikes, and the Milagrosa trail followed by pizza & Superbowl
MONDAY:  Peariso's arrived for some Arizona Trail Action & more burritos.

Yep I'm tired, but thats what its all about.  Time for bed so I can do it again tomorrow!  Yee-hah

Another amazing Tucson sunset

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