Monday, July 01, 2013

Its already July???

June was a fact I don't remember any of it....maybe its because I turned 35 years 'old'.  I feel old this morning.  I think it started horrible with June 1st being the last day of the TSE when I was sick.  That pretty much set me back and I still feel like I'm a little behind the game.....

So July I'm going to start things out right by taking a little time to go up to Eagle River and chill...Haven't been up to the cabin since New Years and really looking forward to it...the In-Laws need some help staining the exterior so we should have some fun with a little bit of work mixed in while we are there.

The middle of June was Jr. MTB Camp and I was pretty tired after that too w/ Keewenaw Chain Dr.  I'm not sure why, but I just finished things up w/ 3 races in the last 5 days.  2 times on the skinny tires at TOAD and then WORS #5 yesterday in Eau Claire.

TOAD - Day 1.  Fon Du Lac road race....this is exactly why I don't like racing on the road.  155 guys battling for every inch of the road with huge crosswinds, different ability levels, cops yelling at riders, and riders fighting with each other.  It was pretty much crazy out there....

TOAD Day 2.  Road America - this is exactly why I like to do one road race per year!  So much fun...tactics, fitness, fun racing, and going fast!  I played it pretty smart for the first half of the race and then I felt the group slow.  I went to the front and went hard for a lap and next thing I know I was in a significant chase group.  We were 5 seconds behind a small group racing for 4th.  In the end I was 15th and in the money.  Mission accomplished...a good day of training and no crashes.

Having fun!
rock drop to river crossing
WORS #5 - Eau Claire.  I usually skip the long drive up to the Firecracker, but this year I had to make the effort if I have any chance of getting in 8 races.  I'm glad I did too...the trails there are really fun and they do a great job of maximizing the little terrain that they have to work with.  Some mud, some rocks, some climbs, some flow...they had it all.  The race was hard, yet easy at the same time.  Each lap our initial group of 8 guys got a little smaller.  On the final lap I finally let loose an attack that shattered the group...Shriver was the only one to hang and as he went by and went even faster it was sure to stick.  In the end Shriver had a little more speed and a little more desire to get the win.  My only hope was he made a small mistake in the end....he almost did, but managed to keep it upright and take home his first WORS win.  It was a great battle.  Superfly SL HT's go 1 & 2.  That bike is FAST!

Best part of the weekend though was hearing that Andrea finished 2nd as soon as I crossed the line.  She has been training super hard for many many years....this year she hasn't done anything different, but something has changed and she has made the jump up one more notch.  I'm really really happy for her watching all the years of good training finally paying off!

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