Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Figuring it out for the win

The week started like most cleaning up from the previous weekends races.  Red dirty bikes and iron stained laundry was what I spent most of the day Monday doing, Tuesday things were a bit more exciting.  I woke up early in the AM and headed West!

 TREK WORLD.  Always an exciting time!  This year was no different.  Lots of sweet new bikes and on my radar was the new 27.5 Remedy and Slash.  I spent the majority of the day ripping on the different models with some of the Trek product managers and even did a few hot laps with Moto Cross legend Ricky Carmichael!  Pretty rad.

What was most exciting about Trek World was the new Trek Cyclocross Bike:  Welcome the Crocket!  I'm really pumped about this bike.  The new geometry is getting great reviews and the option for disc brakes are what I've been waiting for a long time.  The bike at the show was spec'd with Shimano CX specific electric/hydro shift break lever.  That's right...DI2 shifting and hydraulic brakes!  Completely sealed shifting housing and brake housing.  No mud messin' with this bike!  Can't wait....time to get the race schedule dialed.

Then we took a quick trip up to Eagle River for some secret training!  OK Secrets out...its not really about the training up there but the rest and relaxation.  Sure we put in some miles, but it was nice to just unplug and enjoy fruits of the Northwoods.

From Eagle River to the Rock.  WORS #8 at the new bike park at Franklin Ridge.  Most of the race course was the same, but there were some changes that I thought were for the positive....with much more potential for the future!   I was pretty tired for some reason the morning of the race, but once they said go I knew I had great legs!  I ended up attacking middle of the 2nd lap of 5 and my gap grew each lap!  I soloed in for my first WORS race win of the year.

I have been playing with my position a bit on my bike and I think I finally have it dialed.  After 6 months of adjusting to riding the 29er I finally found its full capabilities Sunday!  Can't wait to let it rip again!

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