Monday, August 12, 2013


Another Ore To Shore is in the record books and another 2nd place finish.  Next year I'll have to get that Number 1 plate back!

Ellie Schouten little rockin'
This race was very much like many of the others, but at the same time different.  I think this is roughly my 10th or 11th Ore To Shore!  I've seen it played out many times many different ways.  This year was different yet the same.  A chaotic start on the paved lead out.  A mad scramble to the bottom of the luge climb.  But then things changed up a bit....the past few years we cruised up the luge climb in a neutralized fashion, but this year Cole was taking the bull by the horns.

I crested in the climb in seconds but then ripped the next descent and was half way across the gap and thought Cole and I could ride away from the beginning of the race.  The chase was on hard though and we were all back together through Ishpeming.  TJ Woodruff was the next to go and got a significant gap, but it might have been a little early in the race.  The gap was diminishing parallel to the tracks and then closed up the Power Line Climb.  I led the Power Line climb and had things stretched out, but again too early to go.

Then the big slow down happened and everything regrouped.  Seemed like there must have been 50 guys in the lead peloton.  I felt the pace slow even more after a slight descent, but didn't hit the brakes and took and inside line with some speed and happened to roll off the front.  I looked up and recognized the climb so I just went with it to carry some speed.  What I didn't know was around the next corner was a super hard sand section where I really wanted to push the pace.  So when I had a small gap and saw the sand I pinned it and really started stretching things out.  Fast on the descents and smooth on the climbs.  The Superfly100 was killing the entire sections of sand, bumpy grass, exposed rock, and hidden mud pits all the way to Misery Hill.  I looked back and saw a huge train of guys, but stayed on the pace.  To my liking Cole was coming across the gap solo up Misery Hill.  I was still within myself so over the top took a huge pull with Cole sitting on to allow him to recover.  Soon enough I knew he was good and he took a huge pull on the first section of dirt road and we were gone.
Cole takes his 2nd O2S

Bike Path Warrior post race
The rest of the race was Cole and I.  Very Very evenly matched.  He tried to drop me on a few descents, I tried to drop him down the sand pit, but we were pretty even.  He was definitely the stronger in the sprint.  I'll take another 2nd and some motivation for the next stop on the Triple Crown!

Andrea had her best race ever after a little chaos with a train loading, backing, and then taking off in the middle of the course.  Kind of crazy, but that's racing.  She finished 6th after a really good battle with Lisa Krayer from Adventure 212.  Again really impressed and very proud of her racing this year.

Sunday was again the best part of the weekend.  We headed out for a sweet day on the trails with the crew from Border Grill & Quick Stop Bike Shop.  So much fun!  I love trail riding and wish I could have had the Fuel EX along, but the SF100 definitely had both wheels off the ground pretty often!  All in all a great weekend and can't wait to get up to MQT again.  Love the UP.  Next up TREK WORLD!
Sunday Funday

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