Monday, November 20, 2006


Whatever 'Lola'nde wants 'Lola'nde gets!!!

This has been the year of the repeat...

2x wors series champ
2x norba state champ
2x wca series cross champ
and now 2x cross st. champ

here is how it happened

Angel Park Raceway - Sun Prairie, WI CX State Championships

Before the race Lalonde wanted two favors. Beat the guys from Grand Performace and beat the guys who dope. Lap number one saw a huge crash over the first barrier section. I'm not sure what I was doing 15 guys back, but I was in the middle of the crash watching the leaders ride away. By the start of lap two I had bridged up to Paul Ellis.

After sitting on for a half lap and looking back to see the chase group of ten guys it was time to step up the pace. After three or four hard off camber corners and a run up, Paul was gone. I knew it would be hard to hold off the chasers doing a 55 minute individual TT, but each lap I gained time by staying smooth.

The highlights of the course included a raucous crowd in the beer garden and a brutal cement step run up. The fans were great and the victory was sweet. It was about time there were some people cheering at the I rewarded them with some "Hi Fives" each lap through.
Lalonde was the man. "More Cow Bell" After the race Lalonde wanted a Blog!

The best part of the trip had to be the drive home when we saw "dad" driving the family wagon solo clad in blaze orange loaded down with three dead deer sparks shooting of the tail pipe from hitting the pavement at 35 mph in a 65 giving us the big thumbs up! I'm really mad I didn't have the camera. Thanks to Sarah Lukas for the race pictures.

Thanks to all the sponsors...PCW, Hyundai, Trek, Oakley, Crank Bros
Next stop...Rhode Island??? I wonder what Tristan is doing...not really what I really want to know is when will Tristan pop the question?