Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's On

I'm starting to feel a little better. I managed a few hours on the rollers yesterday and an hour this morning. Maybe it was the idea that soon I will be headed to 65 degree temperatures. The training can official start now.

Yes it must be that time again....

Spring Break is here and its off to Athens, OH where the red necks and backwoods hillbilly's love mtb stage racing. The Gravel Rouser 07 is just around the corner and the great folks at Athen's Bicycle ( ) are promising great number plates again! This year the event promises to be even bigger with a four stages, more competition, more prizes and a ton of fun.

check out this years race flyer...

check out last years race flyer...

here are some pictures from the GRC 06

The Sundown TT

The 2006 Gravel Rouser @ Lake Hope

My first Rouser was in 05...

the 05 race flyer

here are some pictures from the 05 Rouser

Check out the sweet trailer!

I hope there is more babes in 07!

This family was crazy! 50+ mph on the descents with the little girl barely hanging on the handlebars.

Stay Tuned fro updates from Athens, OH (a really cool town)

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