Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gravel Rouser

Yesterday was stage 3 of the Gravel Rouser - Lake Hope State Park has to be one of the best mtb trail systems in the world.

The day started with 25 miles of more rabid dogs and frigid temps. After the long climb out of the Hocking River Valley I warmed up a bit. Soon we all met at Lake Hope for the singletack race.

Tristan and I sprinted for a moving finish line and it was declared a tie. I then flipped a $10 to the time keeper...I'm hoping has official results with me in 1st.
The quote of the day, as Joey Boyle is being attacked be a rabid dog "That dog didn't know if I was MAN or BEAST."

Today was the Coolville Ridge Cool Down

The race promoters spent a year trying to find the most brutal back roads in Athens County and they were very succesful. Two river crossings, and two brutal climbs per lap made for a painful 4th day of racing. Tristan cheated and outsprinted me at the line. The real winner of the day was Kevin who took home the coveted Road Kill Points Competition...check out the trophy...

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