Friday, April 13, 2007

Tis The Season

That's right Stanley Cup Playoffs...the Red Wings are off to a 1-0 start. I am a huge fan and have been watching the Wings as long or longer than Yzerman has been around...that's a long time.
It's also time to start racing bikes...this weekend is the Sea Otter which again brings back so many memories of ripping it up around the Laguna Seca!
Before I start racing it's down to the PCW Team Training Camp in Nashville, IN. The weather forecast looks good, the roads are awesome, and there are some "real" hills.
I might kick off the season the following weekend in Rockford, IL or I might just have to use WORS #1 as the season opener. Until then I will be training hard and recovering watching hockey. At least VS Network has good coverage of one sport I like. GO WINGS!



Bri- I was in the "D" for the 1st game and win ! Too bad I was at the State theater watching an awsome Tragically Hip show.

--- Brent broke himself and bike over in Europe last week

Tristan Schouten said...

Yo B,
I watched D town lose last night, good game though. The puck to the face was sweet, although I probably wouldn't have fallen to the ice like he did, I'm way tougher than that.