Monday, April 23, 2007

Training Camp

Let's start out by saying I Love Riding My really really nice weather!

This past weekend was the annual trip down to Nashville in Brown County Indiana for the PCW Team Training Camp. Friday morning we loaded up the Hyundai and headed south. I drove with Tim Drankus, Tony and his fiancee Brenda and our first stop was pro style at the Golden Arches.

After a quick detour in Indianapolis to deliver a eBay bike sale we were rolling into Nashville.

Here is a map of our first day of riding...

we followed up Day 1 with some good food and then another solid ride on day 2

the roads in Nashville, IN are great....lots of hills, lots of curves, and lots of pcw jerseys.

After Saturdays ride it was time for the smack talk to end of the men to take to the basketball court...needless to say I couldn't back up my mouth...I'll stick to riding bikes. After dinner and the team presentation it was over to the campfire for amply amounts of bullshit and flatuants.

Day 3's ride was followed by a long drive home and the reality of life starts again. It's great that once a year the team can get together and bond. Now I'm back to the grind at Bike N Ski. The Wings are going on the round 2.



b-matter said...

Schouten wouldn't last two mintues on a frozen pond with some skates laced up....his hands hurt really bad after 2 mintues of skiing

Mike said...

You guys look like a 12-pack of Sprite in those kits!

Tim Drankus said...

That Bacon, Egg,& Cheese Bagel Meal is what got me through the first ride.


SHAT-Donalds clean ya out everytime.
Bells Beer is the only traveling food !