Friday, May 04, 2007

Whats Around The Next Corner

Well the race season is officially upon us in WISCO...

This weekend kicks off the WORS series and it is looking like it will be a battle from race #1 all the way to the last race in Sheboygan.

We'll see what happens soon enough..

Also just around the corner is Andrea's graduation from nursing school at Marion College. We have been in the same routine for the last 4 years....we'll see what changes lie ahead once "reality" starts. Maybe a relocation, maybe back to school for me, maybe full time bike racer now that I have a sugar mama!!!

After last weekends race I am feeling pretty good.

Here is a short recap of the Rock Cut race...

Rolled up in fashion with 4 trek bikes on the roof. Was pretty happy to see there was going to be some competition at the race when I saw the Trek Van and the Lalonde bros. You never know what you will get at a smaller local race. The start was hard for me, being the first real effort of the season racing against others...soon I settled in and was of the front in a group of 3. Half way through the first lap Marko flatted. I let Jesse pull the remainder of the 1st lap and then took over the work load for the second lap. At one point I was close to dropping Jesse, but he got a little breather when we approached an injured rider and had to slow down. Soon after that I hit my head on a tree really hard....broke my helmet....gotta keep my head up and watch for those low branches...Jesse said it looked like whiplash. On the last climb of the 2nd lap I pushed the pace and was able to slowly pull away from Jesse. The last lap I felt really strong to roll in for the victory at a time of 2:00. A long race for the first one of the year and it was pretty warm out. Happy ride home to Sheboygan.

After 2 awesome workouts this week I should be primed for Iola...

ps...bloggin is almost like a full time job...lack of updates due to no internet at home and being plenty busy at work...sorry

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