Friday, August 17, 2007


Went to Trek WORLD yesterday with Mike was a blast.

Did some really cool things, took a tour of the factory, did some demo rides on the new Fuel EX and the Superfly, and saw a ton of friends.

Here is Pete from Athens Bicycle and myself.

The coolest part of any Trek event is listening to John Burke speak. His motivation to be the best always has you walking away striving for more. This time around it wasn't all about the products, but it was all about the people. The people of the world.

1 World. 2 Wheels. The Trek Commitment.

It's all about getting more people to ride bikes. Which makes people healthier, makes for less traffic, less congestion, and less pollution. Simple, yet brillilant. When the speech was over it was time to head over the the fields for the annual kick ball tournament. Normally Trek has charter busses to transports all the dealers from location to location. This time there was over 1,000 Trek Lime bikes with helmets, and front and rear lights. It was the biggest group ride of my life. All around the streets of Madison making a big statement.

We had a ton of fun testing the full capabilities of the Lime

Who can name this guy with too much skill and not enough common sense?

They even had Hula Girls....Mike and I unfortunately had to go home early.


MOD said...

It was good running into at show. did you ever make it on stage for a hula dance off?

Hopefully I'll make it up for a cross race this fall.

Tristan Schouten said...

that'd be jonny sundt in the photo

Anonymous said...

Tristan is the big winner....his prize is... next time I'll hold his hand down the trail so he doesn't crash and get poison parsnip