Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Today after a little "recovery ride" we took a short drive up the PCH just north of Cambria to watch the Elephant Seals give birth to their pups. The things are huge and the noises they make are pretty intense.

After being there for a few minutes we spoke with a volunteer who knew everything plus some about the Elephant Seals. He then pointed out a pup who had just been born an hour ago.

Then it got was like a scene from National Geographic

The mom was moving around trying to position the pup away from the water and away from the other adults. Then I saw it.....the afterbirth.

Next thing I know there is a boat load of seagulls flocking towards the bloody mess of the embryonic sack. We caught it on video...check it out if you want.....

It was nature at its finest and we were lucky to catch some real action taking place. Here is a photo of one of the bigger males.

The drive home was relaxing and we saw an awesome sunset over Morro Rock

Wii bowling score of the day 239

No Matt Kelly sightings, but contact has been made.


Anonymous said...

I love the commentary in the video... keep them coming! Hey call me back one of these days too buddy!

Street Player

Sarah Lukas said...

ran into matt kelly during a packer game in Wisconsin.

first matt kelly siting since 2006 chequaemegon.