Monday, January 07, 2008


We arrived in Cali was a long day of travel and it was pretty much straight to bed after watching the Steelers lose a heartbreaker. Sunday it was right back to the airport to watch the SLO runway preseaoson crit series. Our host was doing the race so we thought we would check it out. We ran into Matt G from Trek at the race and had the hook up for bikes for the rest of the week! Thanks Matt....Demo Ken now has some serious competition as the best Demo guy around.
After the race it was off to the local coffee shop where Elicia ER Hildebrand might have had one too many cups of Joe. It looks like her boyfriend Bennet knows he's in trouble for the rest of the afternoon.
We spent some time at the Foothills Cyclery shop. Josh our host is the owner and has a pretty nice place right near Cal-Poly Campus. No Matt Kelly sightings yet....
We also spent a lot of time playing Josh's Wii....I think I got my first Wiijury after an intense game of bowling last night.
This morning I need to take a day away from the Wii and head out for my first real ride in over a month. We wasted no time in finding a sweet 10 mile climb up Prefumo Canyon. I think it kicks up to above 15 percent a few times. It's great to be back in the Mtn's. Even better mid way down the descent it turns to gravel. I love taking the road bikes down the gravel to see how they really perform and the new Madone stood up to the test just fine.
Stay tuned for more Cali updates....


D A N O said...

Back home its T-storming! Snow is 90% gone. Roads are wet and grimy.
Not that I can ride them with this crappy flu bug that I still have.

But maybe less time on Wii and more in the saddle for you guys?

PS.. I didnt get playoff tics but am first in line for the champ game if played in GB. Go Giants!

b-matter said...

nice....eli and plax have the ability! go giants...bummer about the snow

Anonymous said...

You better enjoy yourself because there is a big dose of reality here for you when you get home. Crappy weather !!