Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun in the Snow

It's been a while but I have been really busy with unemployment! This weekend was pretty sweet and I spent a decent amount of time outside playing in the snow. It started off Sat. morning with a breakfast ride and some crit racing in my driveway. We finished it off with some figure 8 racing through my front yard. It was a blast. Sunday I went out to Greenbush with Tristan and Street Player for some skate skiing. I was worked over after 1:30. I always end up skiing on the birkie weekend, but never at the birkie, and the trails are always bad because the groomers are racing...note to self.

Other than that it has been back to home improvement :) I replaced a sink in the bathroom and am starting to work on ripping up some ancient tile that was glued down with boiling hot tar from the Roman Empire. We are also scrapping off layers and layers of paint off of all our antique registed covers...not fun...

I'm still trying to sell my stuff to cover the last bit of expenses from my two trips to Europe. Also there are a few more Does Matter supporter T-Shirts available...gets yours today, e-mail me your picture wearing the shirt and you can make the Superfan Wall of Fame!

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