Saturday, February 07, 2009


I'm back in Izegem! It is sweet to be back at the house. I packed up my Blue bikes, and now we are watching the GVA in Lille on TV.

We did Barthelona the other day...I found out where all the Ham comes from!


Sarah Lukas said...

mmm delicious

Shriver said...

You just need a couple slices of bread and some cheese on the pig head and you will be in heaven. I found myself at the store and bought only ham cheese and bread. I'm so messed up. Looks like a good vacation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, how you doing? I am Raül Jiménez. Remember we met on the train on the way to Barcelona on Friday morning. I hope you had fun in Barcelona. Did you like the modernist buildings? They are very famous all around the world. Especially Japanese people love this type of architecture. They are the work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

I have been reading your blog. As I told you on the train I´m not into cyclo-cross or mountain bike. I mainly follow traditional road cycling. But anyway, I will follow your career in cyclo-cross and mountain bike by regularly reading your blog.

I know you are now enjoying your holidays after the racing period. If you ever come again to Girona with your bike, it would be nice to meet and share some bike-riding together (at a peaceful pace) while practising my English. I know road routes by the side of the coast where you can see amazing landscapes.

I´m giving you my e-mail address if you want to contact me:
I will be contributing to your blog from time to time. Regards to your wife Andrea and also to the blond girl who was travelling with you. I don´t remember her name.



Raül Jiménez said...

Well, by error I clicked in anonymous. I just make sure my name appears from now on.

That´s my contribution above!