Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Quick Update:

After the race Andrea, Carrie, and I cruised to Brussels with the rest of the team and crashed in the airport hotel(I actually only slept 3 hours after staying up all night watching the Steelers). I love starting out vacation completely wasted from racing and no sleep! Monday was spent in Brussels checking out Churches, Chocalatiers, Waffles Houses and statues of little boys peeing and of course guys of horses. Brussels was actually a lot nicer than I thought. At night we took a train to Charleroi, which is close to the cheap airport, and we slammed a bunch of frites with a crazy Belgie futbol fan.

This morning we took a flight to Girona and just found a hotel. We are all a little blown out. There is a sweet market across from the hotel where we ate lunch. Now it is time for a siesta and then we will go back to being tourists. Tomorrow we fly to Mallorca where hopefully we will hook up with Ken and Magda from USA Cycling.


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