Monday, August 03, 2009

lazy river

Another WORS race in the book.....this time I finished 2nd just over 1:00 back. With a $50 prime to start things off at the top of the first climb the start was furious! I settled in 3rd behind Guerra and Macej. Soon I realized I had too much tire pressure, not enough tread, and I didn't have a clue where I was going in the singletrack. It's tight and there are lots of blind corners. I was gapped, but thought they were just around the next corner. Mike P was on my wheel and asked to get by...I thought - great a local who can bridge me up in the singletrack. But instead I was dropped again. When I came out to the first climb the leaders where easily over a minute up on me and I realized oops.....I better get going. I was climbing really strong and making time, but couldn't get into the rhythm of the snakey singetrack to save my life. Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd lap I caught Mike, crashed, caught him again, he crashed, got a stick in my der. stopped, caught him again and finally dropped him to move into 2nd place. Guerra was still :45 seconds up. The efforts had to be huge on the climbs which ended up hurting me on the last lap. After the final singletrack I put it into damage control mode to preserve my 2nd place. Congrat's to Guerra on a hard earned first WORS W. Andrea finished up 7th. I was pretty blown Sunday night, but spent monday paddling up the Sheboygan River w/ my dad in the kayak's. It works for Adam Craig right? Next up O2S. Until then....

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