Monday, August 31, 2009


Midwest racing is fast.....Midwest racers are strong, but I think they just don't get the credit they deserve. US National Pro Road race results..... MI Brent Bookwalter 4th WI Matt Bucshe 5th. Thats impressive.

Same goes for the MTB'ers and Cross'ers....we have solid competition week after week all season long. Yesterday was another perfect example.

WOS #9 Green Bay:

7 guys in the lead group 30 miles into a race. I made my move somewhere in the middle of the last lap. Jesse was the only one who could come with me...I stayed on the gas to keep the gap growing and Jesse played it smart and saved just enough juice to come around me at the finish.

Andrea finished lucky #7 again.
Now its my favorite part of the is shorter but more is faster with more pain, but its over a little sooner. Recovery consists of a bowl of chili and Sunday Night Football in the recliner.
Less training = more commuting!


Topher said...

more berries were picked! hope training is going good...perhaps see yah at cross race or even in the sunny state(az)!

Anonymous said...

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claire said...

Here's another cool photo of Andrea from the Photo Contest. Nice race out there - and look forward to seeing you both at the next one!