Monday, September 07, 2009


Cross season is here! The bikes have arrived, the wheels have arrived, and my legs aren't sore after running any more. I've registered for the first few races on the schedule...CrossVegas and the USGP Planet Bike Cup.....which makes for a busy week coming up really soon....Chequamegon followed by three really hard cross races in 5 days. It's OK though because I just finished a super hard block of training and I'm feeling pretty good abouut it...I'm also feeling pretty good about the new NORCROSS.

This is the lightest, stiffest, and fastest cross bike I have seen to date....I have a couple carbon seatposts on the way which will make the bike even lighter.

The front end is significantly beefed up as is the bottom bracket. I can't wait to get out there and really let 'er rip. Not today's Labor Day and rest and relaxtion is on the schedule along with a trip to the county fair!

A special cyclocross thanks to Blue & Easton for the extra support this cross season!


Anonymous said...

Nice bike! Now work on your starts........

Anonymous said...

Pages chainrings are bigger than yours. You might want to think about doing some situps in the morning before work.

Hua said...

Hi Brian!

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Anonymous said...

any races planned for california?

regards, shoberg

Kyle J said...

Deep dish carbons for the pic's Brian, Deep Dish....

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