Monday, September 21, 2009


Fat Tire # 27 is in the books! This past weekend was another journey up to the Hayward/Cable area in northern Wisconsin for the Chequamegon. Andrea and I made the 6 hour drive early Friday morning in time to get a good preview of the last 10 miles of the race course. We picked up the packets at Telemark and then headed over to the Northern Pine Inn in Hayward. Out to dinner at Coops for some lasagne and garlic bread and then early to bed.

Saturday morning we awoke to the most perfect northwoods weather you could ask for. Then it was over to the start line for round 2 of the Triple Crown. The start was pretty standard with a full speed effort behind the quads down hwy 77. I filed into Rosie's field in about 6th wheel. This is where things changed drastically from years past. Normally you can recover after the first few rollers on the birkie. This year the roadies put down the smack. It was critical to be in the front as the lead group was constantly splitting.

By OO the lead group was set with 8 riders. Myself, Cole, Tilly, Bjorno, Bauman, M. Phillips, and Chris P. We quickly worked our way the the most critical part of the course The Seely Firetower climb. Little did I know a group of 7 latched on at the bottom of the climb. I went over the top chasing Tilly and Cole whil things were shattering behind me. By the bottom of the Firetower Bjorn, Bauman, and Phillips had made contact. As soon as we hit the Birkie I made my first major move. Only Tilford and Cole could come with me.....neither would pull through so I continued to attack up the entire Birkie gaining confidence with each attack. Tilly and I rotated through down Telemark road with Cole sitting on claiming 'cramps.'

With 2 miles to go I attacked again and actually had to break on the descents as I was catching the lead quad. I had dropped Tilford and thought I would roll in for the win...I looked back on a climb and Cole had started to chase. I held my 5 second gap through the last corner, but didn't want to crash. Cole let it rip,and in a similar fashion to my victory over Tilford in 2004, closed a huge gap in one corner. I looked back one last time and stepped on the gas to the finish for my second trip to the top of the Cheq Podium!

ps Trek Top Fuel 9.9 w/ 26" wheels everytime at Chequamegon is my bike of choice

Andrea had another awesome race finishing 13th for the second year in a row. I think she is gaining confidence and will crack the top 10 soon! We finished the weekend with a trip to the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, some Sawmill Pizza and a long drive home. Next up is Vegas.....

Thanks again to all who & dad, my in-laws, my sponsors, feedzone crew, all the photographers, post race bike transport gang, and my loving wife!


cjsbike said...

Iceman! Iceman! Iceman! Iceman!

One more to go!

See you in 50 days.


Anonymous said...

way to rip matter!


Karew said...

Solid win Brian, now call me back!

Tim said...

Way to roll! Congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

Three peat.....Three peat......Three peat!

Anonymous said...

After the race, Matter was elated. “The Triple Crown is officially mine now. You can tell all the other mountain bike pros that if they want good purse money, the Third Coast is the place to come, and if you need to know how fast we are, just ask Travis Brown,” said Matter, who collected $1500 for his Iceman win.