Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid-Season Break

I love it that my mid-season break consisted of a full blown crazy 90+ mile race around Lk. Winnebago! I'm not so sure how that will bode come Mid Dec when I'm racing cross through the mud in OR. That's why I think I'm going to take another 10 days or so of the bike......

Race the Lake was another scary classic with a little more competition it seemed a little safer as there were no guys or gals on Tri bikes towards the front of the group. I heard one big crash at the top of the lake and another on the way back towards FDL. Luckily I wan't near either of them. At one point a dude in a recumbant went flying by us and put the smack down on the group. He couldn't climb though. I was feeling pretty good, but was in bad position once and had to close a good gap.....unfortunately it was probably the energy I needed for when the real move went....I ended up 9th.....

The rest of the weekend was spent eating paint chips.....nothing like scraping, sanding, caulking, and painting windows that have been neglected for the past 30 years! More home improvement projects on the horizon during the next 10 days. Andrea and I finished the weekend off with some live music and dinner at the Highland House in Sheboygan. Mmmmmmm


The Shed Master said...

Lead-based paint chips? Those are the bestest kind!

Anonymous said...

i heard russell grew up on LBPC

Anonymous said...

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