Friday, March 19, 2010

Rumble in the Jungle

The 2010 season kicked off last night at the Gravel Rouser Classic. Stage 1 was the Rumble in the Jungle downhill TT. If ever there was a course where there was a local home field advantage this was it.....

The course was 1 mile in length and started slightly above 1000 ft elevation and finished just below 600ft. The course had an old school feel to started straight down the fall line of the hill.....a muddy, leaf filled, eroded rut, with lots of blind drops off rocks and roots, the locals call the drop 'the mean and nasty'. Then the trail traversed the mountain in a much more imba friendly fashion, only to drop once more down to the finish. Andrea and I both came home with our first victory of the season!!! The Top Fuel was the bike of choice to be able to take the big hits, yet still pedal with efficiency on the traverse.

Tonight is the Grab & Git.....visit Athens Bicycle for details and full race results or check them out on Facebook for photos.

Before the big race I got in a solid warm up ride w/ dad on his new Steelers themed Madone.

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