Saturday, March 27, 2010

takin' it home

We finished up the Gravel Rouser last Sunday. Only 13 riders showed for the 4th and final stage, the Strouds Run Death Loop, after 3 days of racing we all had some tired legs. The trails at Strouds Run are amazing and we had another day of awesome weather. The crew at Athens Bicycle has done an amazing job over the years developing the trail system in town. So we all met in the parking lot, did a group warm up, and then ripped some singletrack. The climbs in Athens are is a good photo of Andrea showing the guys how to climb to the top of the hill.

After the days race I squeaked in one more ride with dad. Monday morning was the painful drive back home. Its amazing how 30 hours out to Tucson went by in the blink of an eye, but the 9 hours from Athens to Sheboygan seemed like an eternity.

So we've been home for a little under a week. Its taken a little time to get settled in....a week off the bike was definitely in order. I needed a little time to organize new gutters, new attic venting and insulation, and possibly a new central dehumidifier. Also needed little time to get back into the swing of things at the shop too. I'm looking forward to getting the bikes dialed next week and coming up with a master plan for training and the race season. Pretty soon its time to let the games begin for 2010.

Thanks to the Fat Kats mtb club for one final donation for last years cross campaign and thanks to the boss man at SBC for letting me take some time away from work to straighten out after a long, long season in 09.

2010 looks like its going to be a good one though with our first trophy proudly displayed over the new fireplace!


Johnny Stash said...

nice stache brian!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap... i thought you were Terry Ritter for a second.