Friday, July 30, 2010

Lull in the Action

There has not been much to write about lately...just the normal routine of training, resting, and then going to work and selling bikes. Andrea had been with her family at the 50 year anniversary of Firefly Lk. I've been living the bachelor life with Rocso!

I was really hoping to get to race at Alterra just to test the fitness after completing the base miles. Now its looking like I might not race the entire month of July....that would mean no racing all the way up to Ore To Shore....not so sure if I like that idea or not...
I did do a Superweek race the other day, but I'm not sure if that counts....half way through the race 10 guys up, 2 guys went down. You can guess the rest of the story from was the Lake Front Road race and on the s-turn descent there was some run off water running down the road. The 3rd guy went down and the domino effect had the time I went down I had slowed significantly so the road rash was minimal. The water was like ice in the was pretty crazy how fast my tires went out from under me once they hit that water. Oh well...I sat out a lap and then jumped back in for some training.

I have started my interval training and its refreshing....its nice to go and ride hard for 2 hours and then have extra recovery time....its like a whole new season mentally. All is on track for a good race at Ore To Shore and then hopefully be going even better for the first 2 USGP's.

In other news I have re-signed a contract w/ Blue and will be riding the all new NORCROSS for the 10-11 cross season. I'm really excited to keep working with a great company like Blue. There bikes are top notch.....

Speaking of that 2 new bikes are on the way I really need to get rid of last years. Check it out and let your friends know.

My Sony camera took a dive the other day(hence the lack of pictures on the blog)but luckily it was still under warranty. I got it back yesterday!

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