Sunday, April 10, 2011

just around the corner

The time is list of home improvement projects, although never ending, is getting smaller. Spring seems to be peeking out at every corner in Sheboygan. 2011 training is about to commence.

After Barry Roubaix a much needed 2 weeks off the bike was necessary. Just to be home and get some things done feels good. I started off with the removal of a cedar and spruce tree. The cedar was about 1 ft away from the front corner of the about 60 ft tall, I'm sure the root system was getting ready to do some damage. My father in-law and I got out the old chain saw and had at it....I was a little surprised at the adrenalin rush from dropping a 60 footer! Next up was the spruce that was growing at 35 degree angle towards the back corner of the house. Then the clean up of the old birch that had died and ripped down the power line while I was in Belgium last winter. Chain sawing for hours makes your arms sore!

Next up was a look at what needs to be replaced...quotes for new water heaters, furnaces, and roofs are pouring in and now its time to count the pennies and see what takes priority.

The big project that is looming over my head is the molding and trim that has been absent from our house since we removed it all when we bough the place. Not looking forward to that one....but its got to get done.

With little left to do and better weather on the horizon its time to get at it on the bike....race season is just around the corner!


Nathan Guerra said...

This has inspired me to load up some old Mr. Tree videos. The landscaper in me would love to see how you managed the 60 footer next to the house, and yea that adrenaline was one of the best parts of the day in the business, but me and kyle and whatever other grunts we had running brush to the chipper would always make it a competition to see who could drag bigger brush piles faster and faster...also got us home quicker, or then Dad would throw in an extra job if we were too efficient.

Anonymous said...

Such carpenters, such chips.