Friday, April 01, 2011

The Pig

Barry Roubaix - a long time coming....

I suited up for my first official race this past weekend in MI. Billy Street and I started off the season with a trip to the other side of the lake. The Barry Roubaix is now in its 3rd year and has tons of potential. I wasn't the most motivated guy in the peloton and that was pretty apparent as I was dropped 4 times on the first lap. It also didn't help that I was riding a full suspension mtb on the finest dirt roads Southwest MI has to offer when everybody else was on CX bikes. I was planning to ride the CX bike, but a last minute flat tubular crushed any hopes of a podium appearance. By the time the second lap of the race rolled around I was nice and warmed up(it was 17 degrees F at the start) and I had a better lay of the land. I made the lead group of 8 after a big surge on the biggest climb of the day. At the 60 mile mark with 5 miles of mostly up hill pavement I was hurting at the Top Fuel wasn't rolling that great...I was done for and couldn't contest the sprint. Finished 8th!

After the race I did some time with the J-TREE crew and the MYC crew, both who are from my hometown of Pinckney. I decided to spend a little extra time in the great state of MI and booked a factory tour of the Joshua Tree Skin Care facilities for Tuesday. The factory tour was sweet...I learned how it all goes down and even got a few free samples! Thanks J-TREE I spent some quality time with high school friends Andy and Stevie P and even got in 2 great rides on the POTO Tuesday(JTREE/MYC Crew) and Wed(Bruce Leblanc). It wasn't all fun and games though as I spent chunk of time helping out Andy's dad rake leaves and chop down trees! I finished things off with a wrestling practice Wednesday night that rocked my world and an exciting drive home with a blown out tire going 70mph down the highway. My body is feeling the pain of the long dirt road race, the raking, and the wrestling so its time for some R & R. Eagle River here I come.

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Bruce said...

Thanks for making the time for a fun ride out at Poto. Next time you come back this way we should hit Pontiac Lake or the Tree Farm. I promise to work on my climbing endurance.