Friday, April 22, 2011

T-Minus 1 Week

The time is here for sure even though mother nature doesn't think so...Official training is in full swing. New team clothing has arrived and its looking awesome. Great cyclocross colors! Pretty nice too for those crisp sunny mornings when it is 'cooler near the lake.' We'll see how it goes if we ever get one of those 100 degree scorchers....but by the looks out my front window those days are pretty far off.

I'm also building up a second mtn bike this season. I had the Elite 9.9 frameset from Iceman last year sitting in the basement. It was pretty happy after going 1 for 1, but I couldn't resist a little sponsorship from Shimano and a great deal on the rest of the parts from Trek. I'll race the new Elite 9.9 at select races this year including Subaru Cup, Ore To Shore,
and to try to defend the title at Iceman again.

The Top Fuel will be my primary bike though. It's just nice to have a spare with identical parts in case of last minute emergency. WORS #1 is next weekend and after only 2 weeks of training I don't think I'm in contention for the 'W' but I will be ready for battle. I might even test out the new hardtail if the new parts arrive so I can be faster up those first 4 climbs of the season!

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