Monday, June 20, 2011

calling all campers

After a little WWF wrestling to get a hitch mount bike rack installed on the back of the Hyundai, camper #1 (Maja Holcomb) arrived in our driveway and we were off to da U.P.!!!

Jr. Mountain Bike Camp #2.

We arrived at 4:00pm on Wednesday night for check-in, orientation, and our first ride of the camp. It's crazy how light out it is in Houghton at 8:00pm. Andrea and I dropped off our stuff in out hotel style dorm room and hit the cafeteria for the first round of soft serve ice cream!

The camp this year was awesome. 10 girls and 4 boys. All of them had some good skills and good fitness. Even the youngest camper Blake who had only been on a bike 4 times could rip the descents.

Our first ride Friday night was pretty low key. We hit up the tech trails and everyone had a blast. From then on it was a jam packed itinerary! Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in the cafeteria. Presentations on goal setting, pro mountain biking, and a presentation from Dr. John Durocher from the Kinesiology Dept. The best though was the trails systems; Copper Harbor, the Tech Trails, and Churning Rapids.

All the campers who raced killed it! Multiple 1st place finishers in the overall and in the age categories! Trek Demo Bikes, Fireworks, Trips the the beach, and more soft serve. Highlights also included watching a dude do a backflip at the pine jumps and getting a little info session on trail building from Aaron Rodgers! We even saw Aaron Rodgers again in the race! The fun didn't end until after the last bike ride in the rain and the mud! Gotta get a little muddy at mountain bike camp!

Thanks to Joe Haggenmiller and the MTU Summer Camp Program for putting on an awesome camp! Thanks to all the campers...I had a blast. Watch out for the Pro Womens WORS field in 10 years....its going to be smoking fast! Andrea and I are both already really excited to do it again next year!


Blake said...

hey brian its Blake You rock the camp was awesome hope to see ya next year EH

b-matter said...

Hey Blake - I'll be there next year for sure! Keep on riding!