Friday, June 03, 2011


I haven't thought about the blog in a while, figured a better do an update. I've been busy rolling on the bike and getting the coaching gig rolling.

Training has been going good. All on the road bike except for my recovery days when I get to ride the coolest/most comfy commuter bike ever. Now that I'm back on Shimano my 700C disc wheels fit on the mtb again!

I'm almost done with my second month of base miles. 17 hours last week and 20+ hours by the end of this week. I've been feeling really good and I'm in a really good routine of stretching and doing some pushups and situps after each ride! I think 20+ hours will be my biggest week since I lived down in Tucson back in 01 and 02. The biggest difference now though is that I am putting in 17-20 hours of pure quality on the bike. In the early years in Tucson I was just pluggin away miles in hopes to set new records of longest day on the bike, and most miles in a day. I wasn't training with any purpose or didn't have a goal behind all those miles.

Also rolling good with my first couple of clients at Momentum Endurance. The coaching has been awesome so far and I can't wait to see the positive results from the athletes in a few months. I just signed up for the Momentum Endurance newsletter and you should too.

Click here to sign up now

It's a great way to get all sorts of good quality information on diet, equipment, mental preparation, training, and racing.

I'm looking for just a few more clients before I reach my set limit for the season. If your interested in details shoot me an e-mail at

After the weekend I'll be hanging up the road bike for a while and hitting the dirt. WORS #3, Jr. Mtn Bike Camp, and the Subaru Cup. Can't wait for this..

It's gonna be sweet! Don't drool on your keyboard watching the rest of the copper harbor videos on youtube.... Only 13 days till I'm there....if you know a young mtb'er they can still register today for the camp.

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John said...

Man they're doing some amazing stuff up there in Copper Harbor!! When we were there in 09 it was awesome, but the ladder switchbacks are new and look dizzying!