Monday, June 06, 2011

with a Cherry on top

Finished up 2 months of base and realized if your birthday falls on a Monday and your good you can make a a "birthday weekend" and party for 3 days!

Ended w/ a 100 miler on Saturday and an early birthday celebration at Hildebrands. Filet Tendorloins on the grille and home made Strawberry Shortcake! It was good.

Resting up today w/ a massage and a pint of 'Fair Goodness Cake' Ben & Jerry's. Mmmm

Dad got me a Pittsburgh Pirates hawaiin shirt and then told me Don Cherry was the coach of the Bruins in the Cup Finals when I was born! Now watching the Cup Finals...only thing that could make this birthday weekend better would be if it was the Wings in the Finals. It was probably Don Cherry's Coach's Corner on CBC growing up in MI that got me hooked on being a hockey fan.

Lovin' the rest week!

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