Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ben Dover


I knew the trip was going to be a quick in and out, but I didn't think I was going to get kicked so many times during the process.

It all started with a brutal 24 hours travel to Bend, OR

Scheduled something like this.

3:30 am CST - Wake UP
4:00 am CST - Drive to Milwaukee
6:00 am CST - Depart MKE on an airplane
7:00 am MST - Start circling DIA in the air
8:00 am MST - Start to run low on gas
9:00 am MST - landing in Colorado Springs only to sit on the plane for 3 hours
12:00 am MST - landing back at DIA - what fog?
12:30pm MST - hurry to get denied stand-by flight to PDX - wait 4 hours

already blown out and only half way there

4:30 pm MST -  get denied again to fly stand by to PDX - confirmed on the 6:00 flight
6:00 pm MST - flight delayed
7:00 pm MST - finally start boarding plane to PDX = 100 degrees on the plane w. a last row seat
starting to feel smashed three hours later we are finally in Portland
9:15 pm PST - arrive in Portland
10:00pm PST - bikes made it! rental car - check, lets start the drive to Bend.
10:30pm PST - Subway for dinner
1:30am - PST = 3:30am CST 24 hours later - arrive at La Quinta Bend, OR


USGP Finals - Bend, OR Day 1

After a little sleep, building bikes, and grocery shopping for some lunch, we were off to the course.  I lined up on the left and kind of got pinched around the first corner.  With no momentum I lost another 10 spots = I got a bad start.  I had decent legs, but missed all the groups I wanted to be with or ahead of.  I finished 15th.  Thanks to the crew at CXRACING.COM for the tent and pit support.  Out to dinner at 7:00 and home by 9:30pm.  Honestly though I don't think the travel affected my performance...just the bad start.


USGP Finals - Bend OR Day 2

A slightly more relaxing morning.  Off to the races only to get a flat tire on the warm up ride.  $100 down the drain with another bad tubular and back to panic mode.  Borrowing a nuetral wheel, swapping brake pads, adjusting brakes....hurried warm up.  Dang it can't I catch a break this weekend.  I lined up on the right this time...and finally a good start!  On the tail end of the lead group for 2 laps, but my legs, lungs, and the yellow stars in my eyes were telling me the fatigue was setting in....I was so out of it at the end of lap 2 that when remounting my bike at the top of the stairs I missed the bike and tripped to the ground....there goes the lead group.  I ended up riding w/ Sheppard for a bit...then finished 12th.  Better result, better start, but way worse in the fatigue category.  OK results this weekend w/ a 15th final spot in the USGP series.


and it really wasn't even over yet.....back in the van after the race.  2.5 hour drive to Salem where we luckily had a nice place to stay w/ Tristan's team mate.  10:30pm boxing bikes in a garage.  5:30am wake up call and off to the airport.  On the way home I didn't even care what was going to happen...but of course as always the way home was smooth sailing.  I even got upgraded to Premium Seating...go figure!  Extra thanks this week goes to Gear Grinder for the frequent flyer miles and the free plane ticket and to Clif Bar for the extra support to make it out to the last USGP.  Next up is the New Years Resolution and then Nationals....happy I'm not on a plane again for a while!

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