Monday, December 05, 2011

Down but not out

Well...I just got home from my I was riding away I remembered seeing the garage door opener (only method to get in and out of the garage) on the garage floor.  That's not a good place for it....I though it would be OK because I was just going out for a 45 minute spin.  When I got home Andrea was gone and the garage door was shut...I knew it....I was done for....locked out.  Dang...So instead of new cable housing and chain on bike #2 I'm updating my blog w/ new cables housing and chain on bike #1 which is sitting outside the garage!

Also in the 'down, but not out' category was me...pretty much just had a good 2 weeks off of the bike.  I didn't train at all between NCGP and Jingle Cross....hardly even touched a bike.  Then I raced 3 days, with very little warm up and no cool down all three days.  Then I didn't train again Monday - Fri.

All in all it was a pretty good break and much needed.  I have raced every single weekend since Green Bay WORS at the end of August!  When Saturday finally rolled around and it was time to get on the bike it was nasty outside...I should have manned up and went outside to face the elements, but I didn't.  Which made it even tougher not to take just one more day of rest!  However I do believe that up to a certain point rest and fatigue are all mental.  I needed to flip the switch and tell myself it was time to go again.  I managed to wait all day long until the last possibly minute to hop on the trainer....but a little Disco on the Ipod and half way through the intervals I knew I was back on track!  It was almost easy to head out Sunday morning after watching the World Cup for day #2 of intervals...again mission accomplished followed by a Steelers W and a Packers W...rematch???

During my two weeks off(minus Jingle Cross) I spent a lot of time prepping for the Momentum Endurance Training Camp.  It is going to be awesome....and I am more excited than ever to make it to Tucson this winter!  Be sure to check out
for the details.

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jason @ motorsport sensors said...

That training camp looks awesome! I am so jealous! Nothing like that at all over here in the UK!