Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

It's been a while since the last update.  In fact it was about 2 weeks ago that I was smashed out of my mind staring blankly at this very screen thinking of what to write about the Bend, OR weekend.

The Bend trip put me over the limit.  Unfortunately the 3 weeks before Bend I was over my limit again when I was getting sick and raced the weekend of North Carolina and then again raced the weekend of Jingle Cross.  It's not good to be over the limit 2 times in a month at the end of a long season when the weather starts to get unpleasant.  In all honesty it kind of feels like a month since I have been able to train even though I've raced 7 times.

The weekend after Bend I needed a break.  I was healthy and I think there is a big difference taking some time off the bike when you are sick versus when you are healthy.  We took a weekend trip to Eagle River and I left my bikes at home!  It was nice to go for a few hikes w/ Andrea & Elicia and enjoy the peace and quiet of the north woods.

After the ER weekend I finally felt I was ready to start training again.  In the past I would jump head first into things, but there was still 3 weeks left until nationals so I wanted to ease into it, 2 hours, cross practice, a day off, 2 hours, some intervals, 2 days off.  I've felt better and better each day on the bike and hope to keep things going in that direction.  As of right now we've been really lucky in WI with a mild start to winter. Let's hope it stays that way for Nationals in 12 days.

The 2 days off was to make sure I was still good and of course to enjoy the holidays.  The last 3 Christmas' I have been in Belgium.  It was great to finally be home and enjoy the time with the family.  I have been watching all the big cross races on the internet, so its almost like being there.  I do miss it a little, but I know I made the right decision to stay home this year.

I'm really looking forward to Tucson!  2 weeks and we are headed south again for the winter.  70 and sunny everyday in the 10 day forecast right now.  I should have a brand new Top Fuel at Trek Bikes of Tucson when I arrive.  I can't wait to put on some beefy tires and let it rip down the mountain!  I also got this new toy for Christmas!  Can't wait to try it out also!

A brand new 56cm Trek Madone 6.9SSL w/ H2 frame and Shimano DI2!  I don't think it gets much better.  I downgraded the bike a little for a Bontrager aluminum bar and stem and the RXL wheelset instead of all the carbon so I could test out the new electronic shifting.  All the reviews so far are amazing and my initial thoughts are the same.  They just salted the roads in Sheboygan so I might have to be a weenie and wait till I get to Tucson for the maiden voyage.

On the coaching side of things another reason I am looking forward to Tucson is our first Winter Training Camp!  There is still time to sign up!  I also have a few private camps set up with some of the athletes I am currently coaching.  With the new year just around the corner I am looking to add 3-5 new clients for the 2012 season.  Contact me at bmatter@momentumendurance.com if you might be interested.

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