Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eagles and Horses

Its the time of the season where I just have to saddle up and get the job done.  Last weekend we went to Eagle River for a little variety and some awesome roads to train on.  It was a quick trip, but always worth it to have a relaxing weekend in the Northwoods!

Back on it yesterday for a 50+ miler with Tristan and today for a solo 60+ miler.  It was windy today.  I tried to use the old reverse psychology tactic on the fatigue level today.  Go with the wind and get as far away from home as possible.  I made it to Manitowoc and then proceeded to ride into a cold stiff headwind for almost 2 hours - bad idea.  Good thing the new Momentum Endurance clothing from LG is comfy and warm!  It was a little brutal, but mission accomplished.  Half way through Base One.

Found this ugly guy in the lake up in Eagle River anybody know what it is?
This is also the time of year where I spend a lot of time dialing in the deals with sponsors and supporters.  I'd  like to thank Bontrager for stepping up and helping out a ton this year.  The new RXXXL road shoes are awesome, anytime you can throw on a pair of shoes and just start cranking out the miles with no discomfort, you know they nailed it....gotta check them out.  I'm thankful for the continued and added support from the Trek family.  Also pumped to be in talks w/ Shimano again for the upcoming cross season and continued support w/ mtb parts.  It's sweet to be working with the best.

80 degrees in the cabin - Andrea loves it...
Last but not least, Hyundai.  Just had a meeting with the boss over at Hyundai and I'm happy to announce they are on board again for another season of racing.  They are definitely one of my biggest supporters.  Now to decide...the trusty Touring or a new Accent at 40mpg???  If you are in the market for a great car w/ a great warranty and great gas mileage let me know...I gotta guy!

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Snacks said...

That there's a stink bug! They are positively everywhere here in NC. I opened a camp chair that had been outside and there were at least 25 of them squatting in there. Ugh!