Tuesday, April 03, 2012

my thumbs hurt

The off-season is almost over.  The forced rest was pretty painful in many ways(not really just being dramatic for a gripping blog read)! 

First off it was just painful to not be riding a bike.  The forced rest was an evil necessity though...gotta let the body rest up and be ready to go for the season.  I did cheat a little and ride a few times this weekend.

With a little extra time on my hands I have been having fun w/ Strava.  Sometimes you need an excuse for a destination on a ride.  All Strava segments for Sheboygan county should be dialed in by the end of base period.  So far Mt. Hingham Climb, Silver Spring Climb, and my faovrity LT testing grounds the Lakeshore TT!

Also a little pain with the temps - I got soft in Tucson.  Riding bikes at 38 degrees and overcast is not quite as cool as 70 and sunny.  For that matter same goes for doing yard work...

Last but not least I spent a day ripping tubulars off of my cross wheels from last season.  No way I was going to roll one of those things off the rim.  My thumbs hurt after that one....now they are all off and most of the wheels are HEDing back to MN for some testing and then getting recycled to a Jr. program.

6 days to go and my season officially starts....yours can too if you want a top secret training plan for WORS #1 @ Iola

I also like to start the season with a clean garage!  Check out the FOR SALE page and buy something!

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Chris said...

I love the fact there are no achievements associated with a ride around Sheboygan, Strava nailed that one:).