Thursday, May 03, 2012

check please

Well the first Base period is over.  3 weeks of perfect training.  It's the most focused I have ever been.  I am in a super good routine and really pumped for the season.  I finished the phase off last Sunday with a solid 4 hour ride at just over 20mph!  Usually its not until June until I can pull something like that off....maybe it was the wind, but I think it was more my legs!

 I have been feeling good on the bike.  The Cronus is treating me good.  My position feels great.  My feet feel great with my new Bill Peterson PowerPlus insoles and my new XXX Bontrager road shoes.  I'm eating good, I'm sleeping good!

If all goes well this weekend will be the first test of the fitness at Iola.  Its always a big question mark after riding strictly endurance miles, but last year I fared pretty good, and this year I feel better than last.

Another reason to be pumped!  A new super lightweight PowerTap wheelset.  Thanks to my friends at Cycleops & HED wheels I just got a Speedy Delivery of a killer new Ardennes wheelset laced up to a brand new G3 hub.  I might just have to do some TOAD racing!

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Anonymous said...

can you show some pics of those insoles?