Monday, May 28, 2012

A Man's Best Friend

Rosco loved sunny days.  He would play Kong in the back yard until I was exhausted.  In his prime he would never get tired.  He would come in the house, drink some water, barf on the carpet, and then sleep in the sunshine!  I miss him.

4 weeks ago Rosco had a major seizure on a Monday morning.  Tuesday he was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was the start to the hardest month of my life.  We did everything we could to keep him happy during that last month.  He died Saturday morning May 19th.  It was a sunny day.

It has been pretty quiet around the house this past week without him.  He had a big presence for such a little guy.  Snorting, farting, and always playing Kong.
Our first family portrait!
Rosco was rescued from a puppy mill.  He had a rough go at things for the first year or two.  He lived in 5 different homes until we found him in March of 2003.  Andrea drove through a blizzard to get him and from then on everything was great.  We were lucky.  Andrea and I did everything we could to make his life the best.

Rosco was the best partner in crime I could ever ask for.  He sent me off with a big kiss before every bike ride.  He was the first to come running when I got home.  He spent countless hours chewing his Kong while I would ride the trainer.  He couldn't control his excitement when I would bring the wash bucket in for some soap and water because it was time to clean bikes.  He loved it when the UPS man came to the door w/ new bike parts at the start of each season because it meant a trip to the basement to work on bikes.  He was always waiting for me when I would get home from a weekend at the races.  He loved taking naps with me after hard training days.  He was my faithful companion.

Rosco always loved going for a ride in the car.  Whether it was a trip to the beach, to the cabin, or across the country!  He would get so pumped.  Our last trip to Tuscon was the best.  When we arrived we took him for a walk to play Kong and even though we hadn't been there for a year he knew exactly what was about to happen and as we got closer he started pulling at the end of his leash.  He was so smart.  He ripped it up that first day in Tucson.

He always loved an adventure and never ever looked back.  Well buddy, I hope you are enjoying your new adventure.  Your mommy and your daddy miss you.

Our last family photo.
Rosco was a good boy.  I'll remember him every day of my life.  He was my best friend.



TMS is thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your loss, that blows.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve been wondering about Rosco every since Andrea shared his diagnosis with me. The tears are falling fast and hard as I read this because I completely relate to your loss. Dogs give you such unconditional love and bring so much joy to your life and truly are family. It just plain ole sucks that they only live a few, short years. Give Andrea a hug for me.


Nele Popelier said...

Ow my, so sad to read this.. I still remember the moment Andrea showed a picture of him.. Big hugs from belgium! Nele and Greg.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your loss it is never easy. I will give Odie and extra hug tonight and appreicate it a little more when he meets me at the door after my ride home from work.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.
Thank you for sharing and for your inspiring blog.
Keith in Idaho