Thursday, May 17, 2012

too much?

All of the sudden I feel like I have a lot to say!

First off just finished up a super hard 3 days of training.  4 + hours each day...I'm hurting, but I've got some killer tunes on the radio right now mustering up the last of my energy(see below).

I've been using Strava as my if you live in Sheboygan go out and get yourself some KOM's.  I think I've hit every ride in a 45 mile radius from Sheboygan.

Next up is a trip to Rhinelander Saturday morning for a Expert Level Race clinic and a pre-ride of the course and then WORS #2.  You can still register for the clinic if you are fast....8 hours till registration closes.

OK now to the good stuff...I'm pretty sure I'm not going to keep riding the Cronus for training...Its awesome for base miles, super comfortable, smooth, all you really want...except the 46 tooth big ring.  It's just going to be a little small when in 6 weeks time I start up with some intervals.  So this is on my radar!

Trek Domane - should be even smoother than the Cronus CX!
My good buddy Stevie P from MI was kind enough to give me his bike when I was in town for Barry Roubaix!!!!  It was an exact replica of my very first MTN Bike!  It also gave me the motivation for the Trek Project One paint scheme!
I upgraded to a Rock Shox Mag 21!

Thanks Stevie!

So the inspiration and energy from this blog post definitely comes from the passing of Donna Summer.  I guess she died of cancer according the the net.  Too many people dying of cancer lately :(  Our good friend Bill Peterson also recently passed after a battle with lung cancer and of course Rosco is not doing so hot...

We used to rip it up to the Queen of Disco's music back in the day!  Good Times!  Good Times!  On this particular night I remember getting ready to walk out the back door.  Lou asked us if we had any money.  Skyler and I looked at each other smiled and then I pulled a dollar out of my pocket!  Lou laughed called us bums and we were on our way!

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