Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In The House

Over the weekend I did some training and went to Madison for a wedding, When in Madison I had to go watch the ss bros at work in the West Side Store and check out the new madone. The thing looks sweet. I can't wait to crank one of those down Lakeshore Dr.

It was a sweet wedding, but by the time I was back in Sheboygan Sunday I was 100% Blown Out. Monday it was back to work.

Lunch Break was the best part of the day! Hopped on the scooter and cruised down to the new Highland House in Sheboygan. Highly recommended...Great Food, Sweet View, plus they are a proud sponsor of PCW. Gotta check it out

That's it for today....time to start the prep for WORS # 4 in Phillips!


Anonymous said...


are you doing all the road stuff at sbf or are you going to mountain bike sunday?

mike anderson

Anonymous said...

tough question....lots of money to be won on sunday at the circuit race or sweetest mtb course in the midwest???? to be honest i think a lot will depend on what happens fri night and sat in the road events