Monday, June 18, 2007

Up Nort'

WORS # 4 went down this weekend...I also went down

after leading 4 out of 5 laps I tangled with a lapped rider and lost contact with Jesse...He proceeded to kill it putting 1:30 on Marko and I in the last lap. It was a little painful for a while trying to catch him, but soon I realized he was gone and went to damage control mode to make sure I could get 2nd. It came down to a sprint that was kind of easy to win considering Marko was on a ss. A short lap did make for a lot of lapped traffic at times, but overall one of the better challening mtb courses on the WORS circuit.

Speaking of challenging courses...Ican't wait to hit some of those downhills in Marquette this weekend. I might be a little tired by the time the mtb race rolls around considering I haven't done a 100 miler all year, and haven't raced even 2 days in a row nevermind 3 but it should be pretty fun to rally the best downhill in the Midwest. I saw the circuit race doesn't start until 11:15 so maybe I could do both and get 4 races in over the weekend!!!
Here is a sweet one from MarquettePhoto.Com from last years SBF