Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stayin' Alive

My new life in the big city: Is this living the dream? Am I a true pro now just because I'm not working and racing back to back weekends....If so I'm not sure if I'm down doing it solo.... Here is my new little corner of the world. I'm hunkered down in a Polish neighborhood in Greenpoint Brooklyn. 90% of the people here speak Polish...I wish some of the Polska crew was here to help me order my morning Kielbasa from the corner store.

I was getting a little antsy sitting around the apartment listening to the old Polish lady with Dimensia who lives next door wail like Tarzan so I had to do something about it. After a few hours of surfing the net, doing laundry and fixing the flat on my tubular it was time for a little adventure.....old school style!

I hopped on the bike and started to tour Brooklyn. By the end of the day I had over 3 hours and 50+ miles of urban cyclocross! I wasn't just aimlessly wandering though. I was on a mission to find the Verrazano Flats in Bay Ridge...home of Tony Manero!

Lots of very important preparation went down at Tony's. I think the Manero's are doing some renavating to ward off the crazy tourists!

Tony wasn't home so it was then over to 86th street to see if he was strutting his stuff or possibly ordering a double decker at Lenny's.

Tony wasn't there either...I tried the hardware store and also tried Phillips Dance Studio where Tony and Stephanie dialed in their moves.

No luck....couldn't find Stephanie Mangano either....but I did find a sweet party. Unfortunately it wasn't at the Odyssey 2001 aka Spectrum which closed its doors in 2005. I heard they got a pretty penny for the dance floor though!
So that was todays tour of Brooklyn....


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KevinandSpring said...

Yo man,

You should hook up with Nick Waite, he's currently in Brooklyn working as a bike messenger www.nick-waite.blogspot.com. Good to see your back at it again, look me up if you ever make it back out to Tucson.