Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jingle Rock 1

With a late night drive to Mad-town Friday night we had a little extra time Saturday morning to make it to Iowa City....Street Player and I rolled out of Madison at about 8:30 and 2 hours later found the score of the trip. Marilyn's Cafe. A local diner in the middle of Nowhere, Iowa.

It was my kind of place.
10 minutes down the road we saw a National Geographic special. Over 50 Bald Eagle cruising around a field eating a little breakfast and hanging out in a tree! It was amazing.

The race....I filtered in about 7th wheel, but on the first muddy off camber corner Jacques Mayne and Mike Scherer were laying on the ground. I played it cool because when the guys started running around me they were also crashing....I didn't want to crash again as I was still a little sore from last weekend. After 3/4 a lap the race was decided....Todd and Troy had made it around the crash and were long gone....I bridged up to Marko and AJM and our group was set....for the first 40 mins I sat back while Marko and
AJM traded pulls....I moved to 4th position on course for a half lap and then slipped a pedal after the barriers...I closed the gap but it hurt a little and then was gapped on Mt. Krumpet....I almost made contact again after a full lap, but again gapped on Krumpet the final time up....5th place on the day!

More UCI points that will be much needed for my Euro Campaign.

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velogrrl said...

Hey Brian-

Here are the photo links you wanted. Your pics are in this set:
(There was some lens fogging, flying mud, and wet snow getting in the way....The pics of people who took the line you did didn't come out as well as people who took the line farther away from me closer to the other side.)

the elite women are in this one (check out the mudslide sequences!)

page by page:

Great racing on Sunday! Congrats again on Euro Cross Camp!!